Easy Editing, Easy Content

Simple and intuitive content editing is just the start. Visionscape boasts a complete suite of content tools including photo galleries, forms, banner management and more.

Powerful Online Shop Built In

A seamless shopping cart and checkout experience is built right in. You can create and manage products, track orders and a whole lot more.

  • Product Module

    The simplest way to showcase and mange your product range online. Create categories, add products, images, video, documents and more
  • Cart and Payment Gateway

    Fully integrated cart, checkout and payment gateway system connected to all major banks, Secure Pay and PayPal.
  • Checkout Options

    Want an online shopping experience without the hassle of taking payment online? Visionscape offers a simplified enquiry system on checkout.
  • Optional Extras

    Visionscape offers a number of optional plug-ins for the product module including Feature and Similar Products, Product Filter and more.


The events module allows for quick and easy creation of upcoming events. It can also take full payment online using our cart, checkout and payment gateway.

  • Event Feed

    Generate a feed of your events to feature anywhere on your site ensuring your visitors always stay up to date.

  • Organised Event Handling

    Details for each event can be fully customised to include date, venue, costing, description and imagery.

  • Full Shopping Integration

    Fully integrated cart, checkout and payment gateway system connected to all major banks, Secure Pay and PayPal.


Options to dynamically showcase latest news on your home page. The user-friendly interface allows for quick adding of items with the module taking care of layout.

Use your Twitter and Facebook feeds

Banner & Image Galleries

Create striking image galleries with Visionscape’s banner manager. The banner manager is one of the most flexible modules in Visionscape, allowing seamless integration into your website as a high impact banner or internal image gallery.

Any variation imaginable

Photography by Folkert Gorter

Secure Area

Integrate a secure login area into your website using Visionscape’s member module. Create secure pages, manage accounts and share documents simply and easily.

  • Private File Share

    Share documents simply and easily with secure, versatile file sharing. And make it your own with the ability to brand the app.


  • Google Calendar

    Show upcoming events and share them with visitors

  • Google Map Directory

    Automatically create map markers from location details

  • Donation

    Integrates the payment gateway for online donations

  • Careers

    Advertise positions within your organisation

  • Forms

    From simple contact enquiries to complex, multi-step forms

  • Property Management

    Create, categorise, manage and showcase properties with ease

  • Much More

    Integrate email signup, take polls and a whole lot more

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